2011_01180083William Wolff has been writing music for 20 years. He is a Brazilian guitarist who was born in 1975 and began his career in Parana.

Brazilian-born Wolff began studying music after he won a guitar at the age of 13. Two years later, he saved the money to buy his first electric guitar, and began performing in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Now, nearly 20 years later, he has studied guitar techniques under the tutelage of renowned guitarist Steve Vai at Berklee School of Music; and inked a deal with Vai’s online label Digital Nations. Wolff’s formal education includes Post-Graduate studies at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná.

In addition to composing and recording, he is a professional Senior Systems Analyst in the software development industry. In 2004, he launched his own technology and entertainment company WDW Technology & Entertainment (WDWTechnology.com) in Curitiba, Brazil, whose specialties include computer 3D graphics, sound design and software development. The Administration & Economy Superior Institute of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (ISAE/FGV) supported the firm as one of a series of incubator projects it sponsored.

“I really missed having an environment where I can, for example putting a good article 3D, without overshadowing the work of WDW, or even release a music video for a friend, without getting a little exposure from my own music on the official site. And I love sharing the things I like, so here touting, not hinder my work with music, which is exclusively on the site MusicWolff.com “.

William Wolff

2011_01180075In 2013 William Wolff joined to the frame of Teachers of PUC-PR in Undergraduate course Technology in Digital Games, where he teaches the disciplines of 3D Programming, C + + Programming and Development Engines for Games, which would also be affected if you were on the site WDW firm, since they are very different things.

In addition to creating an external environment where students can expand their knowledge and participate in an effective community of game developers, bringing as much knowledge as possible without mixing purposes, WolffEntertainment is the bridge between the different types of work and the channel central communication of its various activities, through this blog where you can access all other sites, so anyone wanting to know a little more about his work with music, you can go to the site http://www.musicwolff.com and those who want to know a little more about WDW, you can go to the site http://www.wdwtechnology.com, the most important of all is:


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