Hi Folks!

This is a little video that i make for my new song Aqua and i´m deciding yet if will be called Acqua or Aqua, please help me to decide here, posting your oppinions ok? ;)

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Basically the idea of writing this song and imagine all these things came up during one of the lessons of the course Steve Vai Guitar Techniques at Berklee School of Music.

During this class we had to create some chords and classmates would think of something out of these chords, as a story or something.

One of these responses was for my chords that gave the impression of being surrounded by sharks in the ocean sinking…hehehe.

Well, this was in my head and started trying to write things related to the ocean, sharks, dolphins and so on …

The coolest thing about this is that I’m finishing the songs for my new album that deals with multiple universes among other crazy things. Where this song fits perfectly into one of “universes” I thought to compose the music.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I liked.

Creating this music was a unique experience for me.


Again,I hope you enjoy it!

Kind Regards
William Wolff

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